Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Update Agent 12c Time Zone on Linux and UNIX

9:58 AM
  1. On the server set the TZ to the correct time zone.
    • $export TZ=US/Central
    • $echo $TZ
  1. Create blackout
    • $agent_home/bin/emctl start blackout `hostname` -nodeLevel
  1. Shutdown agent
    • $agent_home/bin/emctl stop agent
  1. Reset agentTZ
    • $agent_home/bin/emctl resetTZ agent
  1. Update agent target time zone in em repository
    • Login to em repository database with sysman
    • SQL>exec mgmt_target.set_agent_tzrgn('<AGENT_TARGET_NAME>','US/Central');
    • SQL>commit;
  1. Start agent
    • $agent_home/bin/emctl start agent
    • $agent_home/bin/emctl upload agent

  1. Stop Blackout
    • $agent_home/bin/emctl stop blackout `hostname`

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