Friday, June 14, 2013

EM12c Dynamically Generate TNS Entry

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Do you want to dynamically create TNS entries for all your databases in your EM12c? Well using the SQL statement below you can.


            lower(tbl_sid.sid) as db_name,LOWER (tbl_sid.sid)
         || ' = '
         || tbl_tar.host_name
         || ')(PORT='
         || tbl_port.port
         || '))(CONNECT_DATA=(sid='
         || tbl_sid.sid
         || ')))'
            AS TNS_ENTRY
       FROM (SELECT p.target_guid, p.property_value AS port
               FROM mgmt_target_properties p
              WHERE p.property_name = 'Port') tbl_port,
            (SELECT s.target_guid, UPPER (s.property_value) AS sid
               FROM mgmt_target_properties s
              WHERE s.property_name = 'SID') tbl_sid,
            (SELECT s.target_guid, s.property_value AS version
               FROM mgmt_target_properties s
              WHERE s.property_name IN ('Version')) tbl_ver,
            (SELECT s.target_guid, s.property_value AS PATH
               FROM mgmt_target_properties s
              WHERE s.property_name IN ('OracleHome')) tbl_home,
            (SELECT s.target_guid, s.property_value AS data_guard_status
               FROM mgmt_target_properties s
              WHERE s.property_name IN ('DataGuardStatus')) tbl_dg,
            (SELECT s.target_guid, s.VALUE AS PGA
               FROM mgmt$db_init_params s
              WHERE = 'pga_aggregate_target') tbl_pga,
            (SELECT s.target_guid, s.VALUE AS SGA
               FROM mgmt$db_init_params s
              WHERE = 'sga_max_size') tbl_sga,
            (SELECT s.target_guid, s.VALUE AS mem_max
               FROM mgmt$db_init_params s
              WHERE = 'memory_target') tbl_mem,
            mgmt_target_properties tbl_main,
            mgmt_targets tbl_tar
      WHERE     tbl_main.target_guid = tbl_port.target_guid(+)
            AND tbl_main.target_guid = tbl_sid.target_guid(+)
            AND tbl_main.target_guid = tbl_tar.target_guid(+)
            AND tbl_main.target_guid = tbl_ver.target_guid(+)
            AND tbl_main.target_guid = tbl_home.target_guid(+)
            AND tbl_main.target_guid = tbl_dg.target_guid(+)
            AND tbl_main.target_guid = tbl_pga.target_guid(+)
            AND tbl_main.target_guid = tbl_sga.target_guid(+)
            AND tbl_main.target_guid = tbl_mem.target_guid(+)
            AND tbl_tar.target_type = 'oracle_database'
   GROUP BY tbl_port.port,
            ORDER BY 1

Note: If you are going to use another account other than SYSMAN to select you will need to have the following privilege.

grant select on mgmt$storage_report_data to <username>;
grant select on mgmt_target_properties to <username>;
grant select on mgmt_targets to <username>;
grant exempt access policy to <username>;


  1. What is "etc_repository"? I don't have anything like that in my EM12c system.


  2. Mike,
    The etc_repository was a custom view that is not needed. I update the SQL statement above to not include that custom view. The query is now only using the two tables own my SYSMAN mgmt_target_properties and mgmt_targe. Thanks for pointing this out.