Thursday, June 6, 2013

Solaris EM12c Agent Unreachable with Error "peer not authenticated"

If you come across a Solaris EM12c agent with status unreachable with error "peer not authenticated" here is a solution.

Verify the Error:
1.$cd $AGENT_HOME/bin
2.$./emctl status agent
Example of error
Agent is Unreachable (REASON = unable to connect to http server at https://dbtest:3872/emd/main/. [peer not authenticated]) but the host is reachable.

Stop the Agent:
1.$./emctl stop agent
2.Verfiy the java process has stopped
$ps -ef |grep java
If the java process is still running you would see like the following still running
3.$kill -9 <pid>

Update Config File:
1.$cd $AGENT_HOME/agent_inst/sysman/config
2.$cp s_jvm_options.opt s_jvm_options.opt.orig
3.Add the following line to s_jvm_options.opt

Restart Agent and Test Upload:
1.$cd $AGENT_HOME/bin
2. $./emctl start agent
3. $./emctl upload agent

EM12c Agent status Fails With "Peer Not Authenticated" Error. [ID 1510706.1]

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  1. I am on linux x86 -64 and am experiencing the same issue. Do you happen to know if this will work? And if so, the proper syntax for the edit? Much thanks.

    Tim W.

  2. Also:
    ./emctl start agent
    Agent status could not be determined. Check the agent process
    Consult emctl.log and emagent.nohup in: /home/oracle/grid_agent12c/agent_inst/sysman/log

  3. Tanks,

    I served much

    Daniel C.

  4. [oraoem@btzpoem01 bin]$ ./emctl status agent
    -bash: ./emctl: Permission denied
    [oraoem@btzpoem01 bin]$ cd /u01/oracle/agent121/agent_inst/bin/
    [oraoem@btzpoem01 bin]$ ls
    emctl emctl.pre-upgrade emtgtctl emtgtctl.pre-upgrade nmosudo.props
    [oraoem@btzpoem01 bin]$ ./emctl stop agent
    -bash: ./emctl: Permission denied

    What does this error mean ?