Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to resolve issue during agent12c upgrade

Issue 1. Checking for SUNWhea; Not found. Failed <<<<
Resolution: Install the missing package
$pkg install SUNWhea

Issue 2. Synchronous (non-streaming) job task is proceeding, although the agent is shutting down
Resolution: Restart the agent under the new home. Then do and upload to OMS and remove blackout. Still need to manually run

Issue 3. Detach Home command failed
Resolution: The agent12c home is missing from the inventory file
1. $cd $AGENT_HOME/oui/bin
2. $./runInstaller -silent -attachHome -invPtrLoc /QECMGTQ/oracle/product/grid11gr2.0.3/oraInst.loc ORACLE_HOME_NAME="agent1_home"

oracle_home="/QECMGTQ/oracle/product/agent12c/core/" "cluster_nodes={}"

Issue 4: Fail on blackout step
Resolution: Make sure that the mount point is not full where the agent is installed

Issue 5: CheckHostName failed
Resolution: Check the name exist in /etc/hosts
Recommendation: Ensure that your host name meets the following conditions:
   (1) Does NOT contain localhost.localdomain.
   (2) Does NOT contain any IP address.
   (3) Ensure that the /ect/hosts file has the host details in the following format.
         <IP address>   <host.domain>   <short hostname>

Issue 6: Checking for gcc-4.1.0; Not found. Failed <<<<
Resolution: Install missing pacakge and restart upgrade

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