Saturday, June 29, 2013

Deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Agent and Add Targets

In this demo I show how to deploy Oracle Agent 12c manually to a new server. Then I show you how to add the database, asm and listener targets to Enterprise Manager 12c.

1. Log into OEM

2.Click setup>add target>add target manually

3. Select add host targets click add host

4. Click add type in the name of the host. Then use the platform drop down to select the host platform. Then click next.

5.  Type in the installation base directory note the installation directory will be auto populated. Select the host named credentials or add new credentials. You can use host credentials that host sudo to root privileges to automate the execute of the Click next

6. Review the add host target information and click deploy agent.

7.  Installation progress will begin

8.  If you receive a warning review and resolve issue if needed. If you you need to make changes to your selections you can use the retry drop down to make new selections. If the warning message is ok to continue click the continue drop down and select continue all hosts.

In my case it is a warning about the account I am using does not have sudo privileges so I will continue on all hosts.

9.  Installation will continue

10.  Once the installation is complete you will have a green check mark for installation and agent deployment. Click done

In my case you can see that status for is showing that I need to manually execute

11.  Log into OS as root and CD to the new agent home and execute

12.  Select the second choose then use the target type drop down to select "Oracle Database, Listener and Automatic Storage Management". Now click add using guided discovery

13.  Type in the host target name or use the icon to select the host.

14.  Select the host and click select

15.  Now click continue

16.  You will see all the targets discovery on the host to be added to OEM. Use the configure icon to configure each target.

17.  Type in the dbsnmp account password and click test connection. If the dbsnmp account is locked a message will appear and a button to change the password and unlock the account.

18. If the test connection is successful then click next.

19.  Review configuration and click OK

20.  You will now see the configure icon color change to a shade of blue this means the target is configured. Repeat the same configuration steps for all targets.

21.  Once you have configured all targets click next.

22.  Fill in target properties if needed this is information that will be added to target properties but is only an option click next.

23.  Review the discovery summary and click save.

24.  Configuration will begin

25.  Target configuration has been save click OK.

26.  If you search for the targets you will see they have been added but are still in status pending.

27. If you wait few minutes then refresh the screen you will now see all targets are online and up.

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