Thursday, July 18, 2013

Refresh Database Target Configuration

In this demo I will show how to refresh database target configuration to get the updated init parameter compatible.

The database dbtest1 just had its compatible parameter changed to and the database has been restarted. Enterprise Manager still shows the compatible parameter as

Refresh Database Target Configuration

1. Log into Enterprise Manager

2. Navigate to the database home page

3. Select Oracle Database>configuration>Last Collected

4. Select initialization parameters in the search field type comp and click search.

5. You can see the date show Jul-5th which was more then two week ago. You an also see that the compatible parameter says

6. Right click on top of the database target name and select refresh. The will start the refresh process.

 You will see a successful confirmation message.

Note: If you receive an error message like the one below click here to go to resolve section.

7. Select initialization parameters in the search field type comp and click search. You can now see the collected date show Jul-19 and compatible now shows

Resolve Error from Refresh Configuartion

1. Go to the agent home page and select agent>resynchronization


2. Click continue

3. Click the job link name
 4. Click the running link to monitor the job it runs in about 2 minutes

5. Once the job is successful click here to follow the step in the refresh target configuration section.

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  1. Hi Javier,

    Is there any way to do "Refresh Database Target Configuration" from command line. I mean from emcli.



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