Saturday, July 13, 2013

Use Enterprise Manager 12c to take RMAN Backup of Oracle Database 12c PDB

I am going to use Enterprise Manager to take an RMAN backup of my Oracle Database 12c PDB

1. Login to OEM.

2. Go to the container database home page.

3. Select Availability>Backup & Recovery>Schedule Backup

4. Select pluggable database set your host credentials then click schedule customized backup

5. Click the add button to select the PDB

6. Select the PDB and click select

7. Click next

8. Backup type is full in my case I want to delete the archivelog when the backup completes as well as any obsolete backups then Click next

9. You can leave the default settings or update as needed then click next

10. Set the schedule for the backup job in my case I want to run immediately then click next.

11. Here you can review the backup job configuration you can even copy the content of the RMAN script that will be executed if you wanted to execute out side of Enterprise Manager.

Once you complete the review click submit job.

12. Click view job

13. Click the running link for the backup step to review execution.

14. You can monitor the RMAN script execution output as needed.

15. After the backup is successful you can review the output to see everything that was backed up. The PDB backup is faster then a whole database backup as the whole database backup will backup the CDB and all PDBs.

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