Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Adding Oracle Database 12c Container Database to Enterprise Manager 12c

In this demo I show how to add a Oracle Database 12c CDB to Enterprise Manager 12c.

If you have not read or heard about CDB or PDB I recommend a few references below.

Add CDB to Enterprise Manager 12c

1. Login to OEM

2. Click setup>add target>add targets manually
2. Select second option for target type select Oracle database,listener and ASM. Click add using guided discovery.
3. Select the server where the CDB is running click continue
4. Target discovery in progress
5. Select just the container database (CDB)

6. Click on the image  to configure the target

7. Set the dbsnmp password and click test connection.

If you receive a message that the dbsnmp account is locked click the change dbsnmp password button and set a new password to unlock account.
8. Review and click next
9. Review and click OK

10. Click next

11. Click save
12. Target saving will begin
13. Click OK
14. The CDB has now been added to OEM.

You can see this same demo in my YouTube video below.

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