Friday, September 27, 2013

Solaris EM12c Secure Agent Failure During Deployment

During one of our Solaris agent deployment I came across this issue related to securing the agent.

You can see below the error you get during agent deployment on Solaris.
 1. First we need to update jvm options which you can see in my post here.

2. Secure agent
$cd $AGENT_HOME/bin
$./emctl secure agent

3. Start agent
$./emctl start agent

Note: If you see HTTP listener failed at startup you most likely have an exist running process.
4. Search for exist running java process from agent home
$ps -ef |grep java
5. Kill process
$kill -9 <pid#>

6. Start agent
$./emctl start agent
7. Config internal targets
$./emctl config agent internaltargets

8. Run

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