Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Windows Agents Error while streaming

If you are getting similar issue on servers running Windows agent during execution of OEM jobs apply patch 16521128.

Error Log:

ERROR: Failed to create command process Error while streaming The pipe is being closed

Output Log:

G:OracleHomesagent12ccore12. execution failed: The system cannot find the path specified.





Installation Notes:

If you are applying this patch then it means you are most likely having issue execution jobs from OEM to a Windows server. If you follow the ready me file it will have you apply the patch using the provisioning tool. The issue with this is you can get the same error. The best thing to do is to apply the patch manually.

  1. Download the patch to the server where you are patching.
  2. Unzip the patch to a temporary folder
  3. Create node level blackout
  4. Shutdown the agent software “emctl stop agent”
  5. Create a backup of the agent home  <-optional but recommended
  6. Apply the patch 
  7. Cd to the temporary folder where patch was unzipped
  8. <agent_home>/OPatch/opatch apply -oh <agent_home>
  9. Restart the agent
  10. Remove blackout
  11. Now test


EM12c: Windows Agent Configuration Shows an Incorrect Value after Enterprise Manager Upgrade to Cloud Control on Windows (Doc ID 1550995.1)

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